What is Plagiarism: DefinitionEdit

Plagiarism is an act of using someone's ideas, words, creations without his or her consent and/or without giving him credits properly. Copying and borrowing a text to fool invigilator can also be called plagiarism in academics.

Types of PlagiarismEdit

Plagiarism doesn't have a formal categorization, but it can be grouped in 7 main versions.

Accidental plagiarism: When plagiarism is committed unintentionally; Accidental plagiarism can be serious as most of the students are unaware of it. With the right methods and tools, you can easily avoid it.

Plagiarism through Paraphrasing: Trying to manipulate text heavily to bypass the check. The best way to avoid such plagiarism is to not write without citing back. And whenever writing something from a different work, always copy word-by-word using quotation marks.

Self-plagiarism: Copying previously submitted work without notifying in the current work.

Direct plagiarism: Copying directly from a different source without quotation and without citing back.

Incorrect citation: Not giving credits properly to the original creator.

Mosaic Plagiarism: Copying multiple portions of paragraphs from various sources to create a new one is called mosaic plagiarism.

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